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14067726_722989007841997_1134021008942400171_nJurgita (YourGita) Fumo is a dedicated Meeting and Event Planner with 12+ years of experience in individual and corporate meeting planning. She is a detail-oriented professional with strengths in event creation, planning and execution.
Jurgita comes to us from Lithuania, with a rich heritage of hospitality and long celebrations. It’s no wonder she is a natural at planning events. Jurgita enjoys travel and has lived in Haifa, Israel, London, England, Toronto, and Buffalo, and has traveled throughout Europe.

At an early age Jurgita started her career as a single mom working in the food service industry while putting herself through school and obtaining her Certificates and Diplomas with Honors in Foodservice & Nutrition Management, Business Management, and Cooking & Catering.

With experience in back of house as well as office management and logistics, Jurgita has a powerful understanding of how to make things happen. Her many travels have served her well as she has found everyone loves to celebrate something, no matter where they are from.

“If it is memorable to my client, it is a success to me,” says Jurgita. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, or a holiday party for individuals or large corporations, Jurgita believes it’s about the memories we make and the fun we have.

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