August 2019 Monthly Report - Innovate New Albany | New Albany, Ohio
August 2019

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Innovate New Albany is excited to welcome its newest resident company DAtAnchor, founded by New Albany resident Emre Koksal, PhD.  Dr. Koksal is also a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at The Ohio State University.

DAtAnchor builds solutions that give organizations the ability to fully control their data no matter where they are accessed and processed.  DAtAnchor has developed a novel crypto-technology that anchors data consumption within an organization’s network boundaries, serving as a backstop against inevitable breaches. It provides a secure gateway to access the files in the cloud and the database, with the added features of revocability and physical access control, enabling efficient and automated data governance.

DAtAnchor is a result of a multi-year research effort, developed at The Ohio State University. The development team currently has 10 members, some of whom are working from Innovate New Albany. The company recently closed a seed round for $1.25 Million, with a strong syndicate of Ohio Innovation Fund, Dundee Ventures, Valley Growth Ventures, and Service Provider Capital. The company’s board of directors include Mike Hughes, the former SVP of Barracuda Networks.


August 1, 2019
Columbus Executive Forum
August 2, 2019
Expert Office Hours
Expert Office Hours
August 9, 2019
May I See Your ID? Trials & Triumphs of Entrepreneurs Under 21
August 14, 2019
The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound and Outbound Marketing
TIGER Workshop
August 14, 2019
Entrepreneurship Module for “Leadership New Albany”
Special Event
September 6, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
How I Embraced Discomfort to Create a Career of Change, Growth, and Fulfillment
September 20, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Mowing Lawns and Building Culture. 3 Actions You’ll Never Finish
September 27, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Know Thine Customer: How to build personas that help you reach your ideal buyer

Innovative Information:

Thu Aug 1  Met with New Albany resident Ashley Gill, a business leader evaluating launching her own business.  Reviewed Innovate New Albany’s mission and programs and explored ways Ashley can become involved for the purpose of meeting other professionals in our community who can help her reach her goals.

Fri Aug 2 – Hosted Jerome Jones, Lender Relations Specialist, and Everett Woodel, recently appointed District Director, both of the US Small Business Administration (SBA).  “The SBA provides counseling, capital, and contracting expertise so businesses can confidently start, grow, expand, or recover.” (  Reviewed  Innovate New Albany’s mission and programs and explored ways that we can collaborate with the SBA to help accelerate economic growth in New Albany and Central Ohio.

Fri Aug – Hosted New Albany residents, mother and son, Amy Johnson and Taylor Johnson.  Taylor is a student at New Albany Middle School who is very interested in technology and cybersecurity.  Amy and Taylor stayed for our TIGER Tale that day – “May I See Your ID?”, featuring tech entrepreneurs under 21 years old. They are seeking internship or mentoring opportunities that will enable Taylor to build on his skills in tech/cybersecurity.  Agreed to look for opportunities to help achieve their goals.

Tue Aug 13 – Met with Stephen Robbins, Founder & CEO of Student-Leader Seminar, and education business focused on the ethical leadership and themes of leading with purpose, ethical decision-making, and the value of character.  Explored ways Stephen can contribute to Innovate New Albany community and agreed we to schedule Stephen to do a personal-growth-focused TIGER Workshop in Q1 of 2020.

Wed Aug 14 – hosted and helped to facilitate The New Albany Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurship module as part of its Leadership New Albany program for its “Class of 2019.”  About 20 people attended this full morning session.  Presented the mission and programs of Innovate New Albany to all attendees and provided a tour of our facility.  As part of this module, also attended a presentation given by Heather Harmon of Rev1 Ventures (based in Columbus) about her organization’s many programs and resources to help build strong start-up and early-stage businesses in Central Ohio.

Mon Aug 26 – Hosted New Albany resident David Bailey, a team member at Globeatelie, a San Jose, CA based firm of design-driven, brand-focused innovators. Globeatelie provides strategy, design, procurement, and implementation services to emerging and growing brands. explained the mission and programs offered by Innovate New Albany. David expressed interest in leasing a cubicle office, which would also serve to make Innovate New Albany his firm’s eastern US office. David is due to sign his cubicle lease shortly and plans to begin working at Innovate New Albany in early September.

Tue Aug 27 – Met with New Albany resident Dan Houser. Provided advice regarding resources and connections that could help Dan achieve his business goals.

Tue Aug 27 – Met with New Albany residents Heather Garner and Nishant Chittari (also a 2nd Year student at Ohio State) about The Antidote (, a New Albany-based STEM youth robotics organization that participates in FIRST Tech Challenge ( Explored ways that Innovate New Albany may be able to help The Antidote recruit businesses and professionals who might be able to contribute funds or mentoring to help the team achieve its goals.

Wed Aug 28 – Met with Michael Smith, Faculty & Administrative Leader at The Ohio State University. Michael is also the leader of his own business/innovation consulting practice, and he is a Director at Windpact, “the most advanced company in the world in impact protection, with clients in sports & recreation, cycling, racing and automotive.”  The Founder?CEO of Windpact is former NFL wide receiver Shawn Springs.  Explored opportunities in 2020 for Michael to do a TIGER Talk on driving business growth through application of sales best practices and for Shawn to do a TIGER Tale about his journey as an athlete-entrepreneur.

Wed Aug 28 – Met with New Albany resident and Air Force Pilot Victor Wilson who visited Innovate New Albany as part of the New Albany Chamber’s Leadership New Albany program two weeks earlier.  Explored ways that Innovate New Albany may be able to help New Albany-based scout troops earn business-focused merit badges.  Also discussed opportunities for Innovate New Albany to host and lead a local chapter of the national Young Entrepreneurs Academy which is based in Rochester, NY.

Thu Aug 29 – Met with Betsy Hubbard, Co-Founder and CEO of consulting/training firm Mindset Digital, based in Columbus.  Explained mission of Innovate New albany and our range of programs.  Explored the possibility of Betsy leading a TIGER Event in 2020.

Thu Aug 29 –  Attended Collaborate & Elevate, an event that was held at Rev1 Ventures, focused on helping entrepreneurs and innovators learn from successful role models and connect with each other.  Made new connections and explained the mission and programs of Innovate New Albany to these people.  One goal was to keep Innovate New Albany visible and relevant in the minds of members of the local innovation community.

Fri Aug 30 – Met with Jay Deluca & Julia Notrica of Nothing Bundt Cakes, Hamilton Rd. in Gahanna.  Explored opportunities for their business to become a partner/sponsor of Innovate New Albany by providing food for our TIGER Events, Expert Office Hours, and other events we might add in the future.