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What is Innovate New Albany?

Innovate New Albany is the region’s fastest growing business incubator located at 8000 Walton Parkway where an entire floor has been dedicated as a hub for startups and entrepreneurial enterprises. The incubator houses New Albany TechStart, which provides fundraising support, investment capital assistance, collaborations with research universities and institutes, and coaching and mentoring services.

What office options does the Innovate New Albany incubator offer?

We offer four types — enclosed office suites for 4-10 associates, enclosed offices for 1-2 associates, cubicle spaces for 1, and virtual tenancy, which enables a company to reserve and use our conference and training spaces, post our address as their official business address, and receive mail.

When a company signs a lease to locate at Innovate New Albany, what is the minimum lease term?

Typically the minimum lease term is 12 months.

What types of events does the incubator offer? How frequently?

On a monthly basis we host evening business pitch events and lunchtime learning events operated by SunDown RunDown. We also offer quarterly business showcase social events that give resident companies a chance to demonstrate and explain their products and services to incubator visitors in a trade show format. In addition, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) operated by Columbus State Community College runs training classes on varied entrepreneurship topics throughout the year. Tenant companies also host presentations and workshops at the incubator at their discretion.

What types of companies is Innovate New Albany aiming to attract to its incubator space?

Innovate New Albany attracts technology-focused companies whose products and services will enable them to scale, grow revenues, and increase their employee bases. Through continued growth and development, Innovate New Albany tenants ultimately move from the incubator space to other locations within New Albany.

What benefits does Innovate New Albany offer to its resident companies?

A monthly CIO Leadership Roundtable is designed to facilitate ongoing dialogue between the CIOs, technology executives, roundtable members, and the city. The roundtable allows the city to keep its hands on the pulse of the latest technological advancements across the globe so it can continue to provide state-of-the-art resources for businesses to grow.

Innovate New Albany offers “Innovation Clusters” within the business park that fosters synergistic relationships among businesses and builds upon the city’s success in attracting specific market sectors.

What does TechColumbus bring to the table?

Our partnership with TechColumbus provides Innovate New Albany incubator tenants access to the TechColumbus Advisor Network, Expert Network, and First Connect Network. These Networks of business professionals are available to help entrepreneurs solve unique problems, develop better products, and acquire more customers. TechColumbus also provides access to several funding sources.

For more information, visit the TechColumbus website.

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As a community created by innovators for innovators, New Albany offers a robust ecosystem that leverages entrepreneurship, business connectivity, public-private partnerships and quality of life to inspire creativity and accelerate commerce.

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