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About Innovate New Albany

Innovate New Albany is the city’s incubator for technology startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. From venture capital to human capital, Innovate New Albany enables business startups to access and leverage an unmatched level of resources to power growth. It is a one-stop shop where government, area businesses, venture capitalists, and private agencies come together to provide the guidance, expertise, and services that new businesses need to succeed.

Innovate New Albany features 16,000 square feet of space within the New Albany Business Park’s Signature Office Building at 8000 Walton Parkway. In partnership with The New Albany Company, the city subsidizes rental rates and provides a wide range of services, such as a fiber optics network, office space, conference rooms, workshops, and seminars.

Innovate New Albany provides technology entrepreneurs with fundraising tactics, capital investment strategies, and resources. As an affiliate of Rev1 Ventures, one of the country’s top five technology incubators, New Albany TechStart facilitates access to state and federal grants, loans, and tax incentive programs. It also helps secure private equity in the form of pre-seed funding, early stage or “angel” investing, and venture capital.

Innovate New Albany’s one-of-a-kind assets go beyond the bricks and mortar infrastructure and incentives that communities typically offer to encompass the following benefits:

  • A high level of community engagement among businesses and public officials that stimulates continuous improvement. For example, dual feed electric capabilities were made possible through a relationship with AEP as it built its new mission-critical facility. Additionally, New Albany was the first to light its fiber, enabling access to 175 carriers thanks to a relationship with WOW! Business (formerly Blue Mile), a business park tenant.
  • Through the region’s first CIO Leadership Roundtable in a suburban community, executives can share their knowledge and expertise with the City to drive future investment in the right technology tools to support commerce.
  • An exclusive relationship with Rev1 Ventures, one of the top five technology incubators in the country, has led to the creation of TechStart New Albany housed within the incubator. TechStart Columbus helps companies achieve their business goals by providing the people, information and funding critical to commercial success.
  • New Albany is home to venture capitals, including Ohio Tech Angels, and the founders of NCT Ventures that support early stage, Ohio-based startups.
  • The City is also home to internationally-renowned business leaders, including retail visionary Les Wexner.
  • New Albany offers a master-planned community with attention to the details that energize and enrich both residents and businesses alike.
  • Pedestrian-friendly amenities, including its village square center and leisure trails, encourage interaction and wellness as well as enhanced productivity.
  • The leadership of the New Albany Foundation, which has spearheaded capital investment in quality of life, features organizations such as the new McCoy Center for the Performing Arts and Healthy New Albany.
  • Community pillars revolving around education, culture, leisure, and health have spawned a national-ranked school system on a 200-acre learning campus as well as events that include the country’s largest walking race and an international equestrian grand prix.
  • A world-class talent pool with a disproportionate number of knowledge workers. More than 55% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, nearly double the national average of 28.2%.

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As a community created by innovators for innovators, New Albany offers a robust ecosystem that leverages entrepreneurship, business connectivity, public-private partnerships and quality of life to inspire creativity and accelerate commerce.

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