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The Secret to Becoming a Remarkable, Memorable Company

Too many marketers think that because they’re saying something about their products and services, that means they’re storytelling. Their web pages are full of company bios, the specs and data sheets about the products and services, and a bit of history.

Dull, uneventful and unmemorable.

Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

Yet, this doesn’t really describe your business does it? There are far more last-minute crises that land on your employees’ laps than you care to remember. Instances that you’d probably like to forget. The times when you had no choice but to keep employees working late, working weekends, trying to solve last-minute emergencies for customers that found themselves in a tough spot.

Yet, these “abnormalities,” the bumps in the system, are where you shine the most. As uncomfortable as these projects were, your business learned the most from them; your employees grew as a team. This is when you were remarkable. These are the situations that define who your company is and what you stand for… each crisis at a time.

So, let’s take Winston Churchill’s advice and, “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste.”

Demystify Your Value

Customer stories give you a chance to demystify the hidden benefits of your products and services. Through story, you can show me, not just tell me, about the advantages your products and services have over the competition. Keep in mind that story does not have to be words. The same principles also apply to customer testimonial videos.

Successful Case Studies are Proactive

Nathan Randall, Director of Sales at Equilibrium Solar, says they are always thinking about showcasing the customer value throughout the sales process. A visit to the Equilibrium Solar case studies page shows photos, videos and case analysis details on several projects. What’s more important is how Equilibrium Solar is proactive, and has already built the process for building a case study into the sales and implementation project. Photos are taking before, during and after the installation — there is no scrambling to find the details to make the story after the work is done.

Alaina Shearer, president and founder of Cement Marketing, (CM), documents her clients’ successes, case by case, using them as sales tools to turn prospects into clients.

“People are attracted to vulnerability,” explains Alaina. “We understand that stories spark an emotional response, which is a powerful way to create mindshare with prospects.”

On the Cement Marketing our work page, you will find no shortage of customer case histories, full of nuggets that makes the CM approach stand out from all of the competitors. What’s exceptional is CM’s careful use of facts and data, balanced by the emotional components that draw readers in, creating a desire to learn more about the magic of CM’s approach. This page is entertaining, engaging, and precisely the kind of web page where prospects will linger.

About Us Or About The Customer?

Your case history page is far more valuable than any other page on your website. How valuable? If your marketing budget is limited, skip the “About Us” page for now, and just start building your case history pages. Think about it; if you have an urgent pressing problem, and you’re searching the web for solutions, where are you likely to stop and read? The website with the corporate bios, or the website that shows detailed case histories of problems, like yours, solved? Storytelling, just like the bedtime stories of happy-endings, are the heart of your business. These are the tools that will make you remarkable and memorable.

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