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TIGER Talk Recap: How Public Relations Helps Fuel Business Growth

Does public relations play a role in the growth of your business? Is earned media an effective way to establish trust and credibility? Tracy Teuscher, accredited public relations pro and owner of The Buzz Maker, says yes to both questions, and offered answers to a number of other PR-related questions during her TIGER Talk at Innovate New Albany on March 9.

Her presentation, entitled “How Public Relations Helps Fuel Business Growth” encompassed a number of hot topics, including PR and earned media; business outcomes; cool research; tactics and metrics; audience, PR and marketer feedback; social connections; and case study examples.

Tracy said there are four things business owners must achieve before they can generate leads and realize growth for their companies. They must increase awareness, engagement, brand positioning and trust. That’s where PR comes in. Tracy said your brand will be 70% more memorable if you make it into a story.

Tracy defined three different types of media.

Owned media – This is content that you own, such as your website, blog, print materials, signage, videos and white papers.

Earned media – This is content about your company that other storytellers choose to publish, such as shared articles, expert interviews or news stories.

Paid media – This is content you pay for, such as Facebook ads, commercials, or print, TV or radio ads.

She advised business owners to allocate time, talent and budget to all three types of media, but PR plays a powerful and important role in earned media. She cited a 2017 study that reported 81% of senior marketers believe earned media is more effective than paid. The millennial generation in particular responds better to earned media because it is seen as more authentic, personal and trustworthy. Marketers who use earned media strategically improve customer experience, lead generation, growth, and increased web traffic.

Tracy said earned marketing tactics include content marketing, regular press releases, media relations/pitching, social channel optimization, case studies/success stories, testimonials and events. Earned features, such as stories that are developed about your brand, increase audience engagement, new leads and conversions.

Press releases still play a large role in public relations and earned media. Tracy cited the following statistics:

  • 96% of large firms regularly issue press releases
  • 90% of journalists say email is the best way to pitch a story
  • 75% journalists say they rely on press releases to generate timely, relatable content

Social strategy also plays a key role in PR, because it encourages engagement and a call to action.

At the conclusion of her presentation, Tracy provided a case study example of a client, the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation, who implemented an earned media strategy, and achieved impressive results.

For more information about public relations or how to develop an earned media strategy, please visit Tracy’s website at http://www.thebuzzmaker.com or contact her at tracy@thebuzzmaker.com.

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