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10 Content Marketing Websites that Will Improve Your Blog & Social Media

Every technology based industry focuses on trends and emerging markets blogs
to dictate how the future is shaped. Blogging and social media are going to both stick around for years to come, but if you’re just starting out on either platform you might be at a loss for where to start.

The good news is there are tons of online resources to help steer you down the right path with loads of content, examples and tutorials for all your interests. The downside is it’s easy to get caught jumping from website to website trying to find the material most relevant to you.

The following 10 content marketing websites will help to grow your blog or improve your social media presence or both:

  1. Social Media Examiner: The mecca for all things blogging and social media. Multiple staff writers contribute multiple posts a week covering a wide range of topics from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ to smaller platforms like SlideShare and Instagram. The material is easy to understand and implement with plenty of screenshots to help along the way.
  2. Buffer: Buffer’s blog has spent the past 6 months writing epic 1,000+ word blog posts that take the exhaustive research element out of social media and place the best material right in your hands. Kevan Lee is nothing short of amazing and his comprehensive lists of tools and checklists can help eliminate any guesswork you might have as you start to build your blog and social media accounts.
  3. Copyblogger: Copyblogger is a text heavy website that focuses on all aspects of blog writing and copywriting in general. If your blog writing could stand to be improved, this site will give you the professional edge and confidence to achieve the results you want.
  4. Hubspot: The best thing about Hubspot is the sheer amount of free e-books and reference materials available on their site. The downside is having to input an email address for each download. There’s a wide range of subject material and the content is constantly being updated so Hubspot is always a spot to check if you need to get up to speed on a particular platform quickly.
  5. Content Marketing Institute: A great resource for marketers to learn, discover and discuss content strategy and tips for improving their website/blog/brand. Much like the other sites on this list the backlog of material is enough to keep you busy for days.
  6. CoSchedule: CoSchedule does a great job of creating evergreen content for marketers. In other words, the material on this site will hold up over the course of the upcoming months and years. With a focus on blogging tactics there’s always a tip or trick that jumps out from their posts that should be kept on a post-it by your computer as a reminder for future use.
  7. QuickSprout: QuickSprout offers up frequent content from Neil Patel who is a fantastic social media guru. His topics range from self-help to campaign results and his insights could be just the thing you’re looking for when you’ve got writer’s block or aren’t seeing the results you expected with your latest blog posts.
  8. SocialMouths: Francisco Rosales doesn’t post as often as others on this list, but his material is easy to follow and full of useful information. His focus on email marketing in particular can be helpful for those looking at setting up a new email account and are struggling to initialize autoresponders, newsletters, drip campaigns, etc.
  9. VideoFruit: This blog shines when Bryan Harris peels back the curtain and reveals the details of his own success (and failures) in his posts. Learning from your mistakes is a critical element in any business and Bryan goes in-depth when something on his site works or doesn’t work.
  10. KISSmetrics: If you’re into stats or need to turn figures into a provable ROI than KISSmetrics is going to be the blog for you. Dealing primarily with analytics and technical material might sound dry on the surface, but there’s no other blog I’d recommend if you were trying to chart growth, split test ads or provide social achievements.

Bonus: Jon Loomer Digital: This bonus blog only covers Facebook marketing, but it’s so in-depth and all encompassing that it deserved special mention. Jon Loomer is the top Facebook ad blogger around and his course on Power Editor is amazing and highly recommended. If you’re looking to get started with Facebook ads start here first!

With an already strong background in web development & graphic design, Brant started Code Improv because he found a true passion for helping businesses better utilize social media to meet their goals. Whether it's creating a content strategy plan from scratch or refocusing an already existing one, he loves the thrill of helping a client achieve the success they deserve.

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