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Your Branding Wake-Up Call


It’s a word tossed around a ton in the world of business, but do you really know what it means?
Have you ever taken a moment to actually throw the term in Google and see what Mr. Wiki has to say about it?

Likely not.

Have no fear: I’m here to save your brains today. Branding is sometimes thought of as a ‘mythical creature’ that can’t be described, but also can’t be lived without. It’s funny, because even I myself as a content strategist at a branding agency agree with that analogy.

Branding, to me, means taking your company and making your consumers cry, laugh, or get all sentimental. These emotions are what I like to refer to as a product’s intangible value. Now, I may be partial, but I believe intangible value has more importance in a product than the actual product itself (tangible value).

So how is this emotion created?

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.01.34 AM

Hans Homemade Icecream worked with Betty Ko to rebrand its company under new ownership. Credit: OCDA

Anything from the packaging you touch to the brochures you skim, the videos you become engulfed in, or the witty social media posts you are
inclined to share. Those are just a few examples of where companies have the opportunity to make their intangible valued voice heard.

Next time you buy a product, remember that someone spent countless hours strategizing how that package should look… just so they could trigger something emotional in that brain of yours.

Are you confused yet? Let me give you an example:

There are a bajillion smartphone manufacturers in this world. Let’s be honest with ourselves: they all do roughly the same things when you get down to the brass tacks of it all. They all have roughly the same specs, and they all do the job just fine.

Why is Apple on top?

Well, because they know how to create something that goes far beyond the tangible value that a phone brings to you as a consumer. Instead, they throw you sexy design, minimalist packaging, and diverse advertising. You are insane if you haven’t been emotionally moved by one of their commercials, I mean, come on.

Yes, some may think this is all silly and useless. You may think it’s crazy to live in a life where you value intangible value over the tangible. However, if you don’t believe in intangible value, then you can’t be a believer in love, heartbreak, success, or even religion.

This is all an extremely long-winded argument to slap you in the face, so get with the program! Intangible value (where branding lives) is the cornerstone of our 21st century business world.

Sure, back when computers were new and NBA basketball was still fun to watch, you could have a new product that actually was revolutionary and sell tons. But now, nothing is new…. except your branding.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur reading this, and if you haven’t considered branding as an important aspect of your business, change immediately.

Be smart, and accept that in this ever-changing world, we as consumers are emotional. Hire a branding agency or attempt to take the challenge on yourself—I don’t care — but please begin to care about every single thing that your business shows to the world. Let your company have a voice, and let that voice be special.


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