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The Importance of a Unified Brand Experience


When engaging in brand building, it’s important to present a unified voice in your marketing. You want to keep things consistent both internally and with your customers. This will allow you to provide a seamless experience across your digital presence, in-store visits, products, and customer service.

With an increasingly-cluttered digital landscape, you want to ensure transparency and continuity. Your customers don’t want any surprises when they solicit your brand after being engaged digitally.

Here are some tips to provide a unified brand experience:

Find Your Voice

The first thing to do is identify the brand personality that you want to represent. You want to capture this essence and allow your customer to experience it too. How do you want to speak with your audience, and how do you want them to perceive you?

Establish Brand Guidelines

After you find your voice, break down the individual elements that make you unique. Detail of all the ways that you can get these traits across to your audience. Be sure to write these out clearly into a guideline document that your employees can easily digest.

Coordinate with your Team

Make sure that everyone that represents your brand is aware of your brand voice/guidelines. This will help them represent the brand more faithfully.

Delegate Communications to a Select Few

Finally, you will want to make sure any corporate-level public communication is left in the hand of experts; the fewer the better. This person (or people) should be able to speak with authority and recognition of your brand voice.

Once you establish your voice, you will have no problem presenting a unified brand experience for your audience.

Jeromy is a Brand Analyst at The Social Firm – A full-service digital marketing agency in Columbus, OH. He specializes in Digital Advertising, Analytics and Reporting, Social Media Campaigns and Video Production.

Jeromy Ko is a Brand Strategist at The Social Firm – a full-service digital advertising agency in Columbus, OH. His specialties lie in developing brand strategy, digital advertising and account management.

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