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Q&A with Tom Chang of PointUp Creative



Pointing to the Intersection of Design and Technology

New Albany resident and entrepreneur Tom Chang works with clients throughout North America and Asia to create custom applications and user experiences that enable users to connect with brands in more meaningful ways. In this interview, Chang discusses his startup, Point Up Creative, a brand management, design services and software development company.

What does Point Up Creative Do?

We create products and solutions for the global market that leverage cutting edge design and appealing technology. We believe that a product’s design should be efficient and creative, with captivating technology complementing it and allowing people to better understand, appreciate and connect with the content. Our innovative capabilities and international experiences allow us to provide unique solutions. Whether it’s a simple web ecommerce idea or an integrated mobile application we can develop and market it. The market is everywhere now, and we have the resources to help grow it domestically or expand globally.

How did you come up with the idea?

Working with clients in Asia and North America has provided distinct insight into the idea of design and technology. Culture, values, traditions and experiences all influence the impressions of a “brand.” With international experience, we are able to create custom applications and user experiences more effectively. The world is more interconnected, and a company’s digital strategy has become even more important.

What are some of the applications you have developed?

Working on a worldwide scale has lead to development of two internal projects. One is a mobile application and the other is a web platform that brings the sharing of ideas and experiences through social spontaneity. People are naturally social and curious. Technology has provided many mediums to access content and share information. It’s made the world smaller and more accessible. However, technology has brought about a certain level of detachment. Our goal is to bring back some degree of real life social interaction experiences. Additionally, we created the branding, logo and website for Chokochoc, a new franchise in Asia, and are in the process of developing a mobile app for them.

Why did you move into Innovate New Albany?

As a New Albany resident for many years I was excited to be a part of Innovate New Albany. Over the years I’ve met many of the founders and companies, watching their success grow because of Innovate New Albany. It’s exciting to do my part to help New Albany grow and advance forward in the technology industry and international business.

What opportunities has Innovate New Albany presented?

There are always collaborative opportunities in the incubator. The challenge is finding which ones are the most complimentary for each startup. All of the companies here are highly capable and passionate about what they’re doing. Anyone who makes the jump to be an entrepreneur has to be. General networking and interaction with the other companies is another good benefit. It’s good to be able to be supported by and help local businesses succeed. There is nothing better than being rewarded for doing something you love while helping your local community.

Innovate New Albany, the city’s incubator for technology startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, features 16,000 square feet of space within the New Albany Business Park’s Signature Office Building, 8000 Walton Parkway.

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