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No-Fail Time-Saving Business Strategy: Get Clear

I just spent a weekend with several other business coaches, and I now know this: if a group of business coaches opened a bar together, we would only serve clear beverages, and we would name the bar “Clarity.” Because we all agree that lack of clarity is the single biggest time-waster in business.

I call this problem “fuzzy thinking.”

While we want and need our businesses to run like a clear-flowing and abundant waterfall, fuzzy thinking turns our dreams, ideas, and revenue-generating programs into muddy, slow-moving waters. Unless we make a strong effort to be clear about our goals and expectations, how can we expect anything other than sluggishness as a result? How can we possibly be surprised when team members misinterpret vague directions?

There is hope! You can rescue your time by developing the habit of becoming clear with others and with yourself. This one habit will virtually ensure the rapid flow of your business, project, or team. Here’s how to create this habit:

To be clear with others, ask for these specific pieces of information:

  1. Determine what the task is that needs to be done. If you can’t name a task, you can’t achieve anything.
  2. Find out who is responsible.
  3. Decide when the task needs to be completed. Tip: Who and when strongly support each other, and when used together, they increase the odds of accomplishing any task.

For a full explanation of how to recognize and fix fuzzy thinking, read pages 3-4 of this report.

To get clear with yourself, give yourself the gift of thinking freely before you engage in criticism, judgment, or choosing. One surefire way to do this is through a Facilitator on Fire Breakthrough Strategy Session.* This Session will help you declare your intentions, dreams, hopes, goals, and roadblocks. Once you reveal the ideas and thoughts you have tucked away, you then can decide how to direct your focus, time, and precious emotional energy.

To help your entire team learn how to get clear quickly by simply listening, learn the Very Important Purpose (VIP) Listening (™) technique*. Mastering this easy tool will also help you learn to minimize the frustrations of typical meetings.

What is it costing you to let vagueness and misunderstandings sap your resources and revenues? Don’t waste another priceless minute. You can banish fuzzy thinking from your business.

*As a mutual friend of Innovate New Albany, if you contact me by September 30, 2018, you can book a VIP Listening (™) talk for your team. Or, you can schedule a FREE Breakthrough Strategy Session to help YOU eliminate fuzzy thinking and achieve success, faster.



Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire, is passionate about business coaching and helping teams become higher-performing, more supportive and happier. Kay is highly skilled in helping teams and their leaders identify and achieve goals quickly, focus on results, and follow-through on plans. To connect with Kay, go to FacilitatorOnFire.netLinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.


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