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NCT Ventures has focused both on investing in its community and in its core competencies of marketing, logistics, and disruptive platform technologies. The Partners are very excited about the current portfolio, and believe NCT’s best years are ahead.

To say that NCT is process-oriented and strategic would be an understatement. NCT has a plan and purpose behind everything it does; including philanthropy. As NCT has achieved success and looked for opportunities to share its success with the community, its leaders decided to focus many of their contributions of both time and money on organizations that impact entrepreneurship. So, NCT identified areas of opportunity for assisting in the character development and education of young would-be entrepreneurs.

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2021 Dates
Apr 9 / May 21 / Jun 25
Aug 13 / Oct 1 / Dec 3

Fridays, 8:30-11:30 am

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Why New Albany?

As a community created by innovators for innovators, New Albany offers a robust ecosystem that leverages entrepreneurship, business connectivity, public-private partnerships and quality of life to inspire creativity and accelerate commerce.

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