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Event Recap: Choose Me! Making a Memorable First Impression in Under a Minute

When you meet someone new, you have exactly five seconds to make a first impression. What do your words, actions, and appearance say about you and your business? What can you do and say in five seconds to explain who you are and what makes you unique?

Choose MeCynthia Stayrook, a strengths evangelist and founder of Orange Tree, LLC, answered these questions and more during her presentation, “Choose Me! Making a Memorable First Impression in Under a Minute” at Innovate New Albany on December 11. The presentation was part of Innovate New Albany’s TIGER Talks luncheon series, which educates business owners on topics of Technology, Innovation, Growth, Entrepreneurship and Responsibility. TIGER talks provide attendees with information, resources and advice to “earn their stripes” toward starting and running a successful business.

Cynthia has spent a large part of her career helping people define their strengths, and then communicating those strengths to others. She is a motivational speaker, a transitions coach and a Gallup certified strengths coach. Her presentation centered around two important self-identifiers: Super Powers and Power Statements.

Super Powers

Cynthia explained that we all have super powers – our strengths and unique abilities – that make us different from everyone else. She asked the attendees to spend a few minutes reflecting and writing down their super powers. Then she led a group discussion using volunteers’ answers.

She said self knowledge makes you successful. The more you know about yourself, the more you can sell yourself. When you identify your strengths, you can surround yourself with people who have the strengths you don’t have. The mentors and people that compliment your talents will help you achieve your business goals.

Power statements

Power statements are how you communicate your super powers with others. They are the words you use to describe yourself and your business during those crucial five seconds when you first meet someone. Cynthia said your power statement identifies the benefit you offer, and should start with one of the following phrases:

I help….

I increase….

I improve….

I decrease….

The attendees worked independently to create their own power statements, then discussed them with the group.

Cynthia said you should practice your power statement so it rolls off your tongue comfortably. Practice by leaving yourself a voice mail message that you can listen to and critique. She advised that you should introduce yourself to someone using your first name followed by your power statement.

Referencing the “Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder” by Jim Clifton and Gallup’s Entrepreneurial Behaviors and Talents, Cynthia said the top 10 most common strengths are confidence, risk-taker, creative thinker, promoter, business focus, knowledge seeker, independent, determination, delegator and relationship builder.

Cynthia said that with strength comes power and edge, and strength taken to the extreme is no longer good. She advised the group to understand the extreme of your super power and know when to turn it down.

Confidence takes practice, and you need to be the best. Cynthia told the group not to cast the net too wide because you can’t be everything to everyone. Know your target audience, create a message that resonates with them, and ask for the business.

For more information about Cynthia and Orange Tree LLC, contact Cynthia at 614-3821 or visit her website at www.inspiringthebest.com.

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