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Event Recap: How to Shoot Your Business to the First Page of Google with the Shortcut of SEO Video

Businesses with a website are always looking for a way to edge out the competition in search results. During his presentation on July 24, Keith Luscher of SYP Media, LLC advised that video should be where you focus your content marketing dollars. There’s no magic bullet with SEO, but he believes Google wants to feature more video, the market (we) have just yet to provide the right content.

#DYK: Google is the #1 search engine? YouTube is #2 and is actually owned by Google. Small world, huh?

So what is SEO Video?

SEO videos are created and produced to be found intentionally by a specific search expression (or related search expressions.)

Kevin’s SEO Video Shortcut

The SEO video optimization process starts at the very beginning. Don’t create video first and optimize later. Follow his step-by-step process as outlined below.

Step 1: Know what people are searching for.

It’s important to do this before you do anything else. If you don’t, you won’t know your potential reach, what keywords to incorporate into your video, and are likely to not appear in the popular search results. Kevin uses the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to identify which keywords will provide the best ROI for his clients.

Step 2: Script your video accordingly before production.

You want to keep it short. Kevin recommends 60-90 second videos. People no longer have long attention spans. Keep in mind there are our four essential parts to creating a solid video:

  • Congruenty & Commitmnet – Speak directly to what people are searching for and make sure they know they have landed on the right video.
  • Engage & Empathize – Let them know that you “get them”. Address their current struggle and let them know you pride yourself on solving it.
  • Credibility & Benefits – Give testimonials and name some of your clients. In one to two sentences, ensure them that they can actually trust you to solve their issue.
  • Compelling Call to Action – Tell them where to go or what to do next, and if you really want to make it a no-brainer, add in an incentive for extra motivation.

Step 3: Calibrate the video on the back end.

Each SEO video that you produce must have the following items:

  • A keyword-rich description
  • A location (especially if you’re looking for local search traffic) 
  • A thumbnail image – This makes your video stand out more in search results.
  • A transcript – This one is extra important and needs placed into the description and into the close captioning function. Automatic captions suck. Kevin says don’t bother. Google has you covered with a transcribe tool that works great.

Step 4: Get your video out there.

Watched, Liked, Commented on, Share, Back linked to, etc. You get the picture. Kevin warned the audience against buying likes, watches, etc. There are plenty of white hat services. Kevin recommended checking out The Hoth.

Step 5: Build your channel authority.

Like with most content marketing strategies, adding new videos on a regular basis is very important in building your authority.

For more information about SEO videos, Keith Luscher, or SYP Media, LLC, visit his website, or contact him directly at keith@serveyourprospects.com. For examples of his SEO video work, check out his At Your Service Columbus YouTube channel.

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