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TIGER Talk Recap: Drones! Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Help Your Business Soar

The introduction of drones is giving individuals and businesses new opportunities for growth, research and development. But with this method of acquiring information comes a whole other set of rules, compliance requirements and responsibilities.

Dave Angler is a Federal Aviation Administration Certified Remote Pilot, and was the presenter at Innovate New Albany’s TIGER Talk luncheon on Friday, December 9. TIGER Talks are free, educational luncheons designed to help entrepreneurs in the areas of Technology, Innovation, Growth, Entrepreneurship and Responsibility.

Dave’s presentation, “Drones! Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Help Your Business Soar” gave business owners information about what they can do with drones, the opportunities for research and development, and how to operate a drone legally.

Along with being a drone pilot, Dave is also the founder of Double I Media, a videographer, a voiceover and podcasting pro, and is spearheading the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) professional services and application program at Autonomy Hub. Autonomy Hub is a collaborative hub for education, innovation, products, partnerships and services in autonomous and unmanned systems.

Dave explained that there were once no rules when it came to drones, but people became concerned with unsafe operators. The FAA got involved and established authority by defining drones as an aircraft. Congress passed a law 333 exception that was a quick fix, but it was not specifically designed for UAS, and it was difficult to comply with.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107, which was put into effect on August 29, 2016, now offers safety regulations for unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds that are conducting non-hobbyist operations.

In order to be compliant, Dave said the operator must have a remote pilot certificate, the equipment must be registered and the mission must follow the rules. For example, you must be aware of temporary flight restrictions and “NOTAM” (notices to airman), and communicate with the local police department and local aviation when appropriate.

Drones can provide critical information in a number of industries, a few of which he discussed in his presentation:

  • Engineering – Documenting construction over time; confirming site conditions before they start; and detailing installs, vendor compliance, and site selection
  • Agriculture – Providing information about crop health, plant count, and conditions of silos and barn roofs
  • Media – Sending drones to assess potentially dangerous situations which is faster, safer and cheaper than using helicopters
  • Science – Discovering, recording and documenting more than ever before
  • Safety and Rescue – Providing surveillance and flying defibrillators to emergency situations
  • Marketing – Creating images, virtual reality and augmented reality photos, and photogrammetry
  • Smart Cities – The Internet of Things (IoT) uses information, big data and analytics to enable Smart City initiatives all over the world

Drones will continue to change the way we do business, gather information, and plan for our future. For more information about drones and how they can be used, contact Dave at dave@doubleimedia.com, or visit his website at www.doubleimedia.com.

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