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TIGER Talk Recap: Health is Wealth – and Other Bite-Sized Portions of Wisdom

Most Americans don’t take care of themselves. Two thirds are overweight and 30% are obese. The American Cancer society says that one third of all cancer deaths are related to poor diets, physical inactivity and excess weight. This affects not only our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. Creativity, innovation, business success and wealth are best achieved when we have optimum health.

Jan Rodenfels, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Fitness Professional, presented “Health is Wealth – and Other Bite-Sized Portions of Wisdom” at Innovate New Albany’s TIGER Talk on November 10. TIGER Talks are offered free of charge throughout the month and educate entrepreneurs in the topics of technology, innovation, growth, entrepreneurship and responsibility.

Jan says we live in a toxic food environment, and we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our country to be smarter about our food choices. Many people use the phrase, “Everything in moderation,” but if we knew what moderation looked like the majority of us wouldn’t be overweight.

The good news is we can make better and more informed choices about food and exercise. Jan offered the group the following suggestions:

Eat More Greens

Jan said if you want to be lean, eat green. Plants are healing, and we don’t eat enough bitter green vegetables, which is why we crave so much sugar. Jan said to add variety to your diet and learn to eat the “weird items” you may not have grown up with, such as nutrient-dense kale and arugula. 

Taking the time to plan and prep your meals will make healthy choices faster and easier. She also advised keeping a food journal.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is hidden in everything, including juices, sodas and yogurt. Sugar leads to obesity, which leads to diabetes, so it’s important to pay attention to how much sugar you are consuming. The American Heart Association says that women should not have more than six teaspoons of sugar per day, and men should not have more than nine teaspoons per day. Jan suggested using maple syrup or honey as sweeteners, and keeping fruit accessible for natural sugar.

Eat Less Meat

Jan said we eat two to three times the amount of meat we need, and cited the book “The China Study,” which tested cancer rates in rats given different percentages of protein. She suggested eating smaller portions of meat, more sardines, or using raw protein powder that is plant based.

Less Dairy and Less Alcohol

Jan said to use almond milk or coconut milk in place of regular milk. Moderate alcohol use is considered one drink or less per day for women, and two drinks or less per day for men.

Exercise More

Jan said exercise is medicine and food for our brains and we should be moving more. Our bodies are built to move, not sit, so Jane suggested finding the type of exercise you love to do. Work with a trainer, work out with your friends, walk your dog, or walk with a friend.

Take Care of You

Jan concluded her presentation with tips and advice to taking care of you beyond food and exercise. She said to get enough sleep, think positively, take time doing something you enjoy 30 minutes per day, and give yourself the gift of forgiveness by forgiving someone else. Take care of who you are.

Jan is the author of “Amazing in the Second Half,” which contains bite-sized portions of wisdom for health, happiness and anti-aging for those over 40. You can find “Amazing in the Second Half” on Amazon.

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