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The Exam Xoom Platform Is Ready to Make Patient Diagnosis Simpler & More Accurate

Dr. Doug Maxeiner is a 12-year resident of New Albany. Leveraging his experience as a practicing chiropractor and previous experience as an engineer, he has built a completely original software platform that will help physicians improve their clinical decisions and deliver vastly improved patient outcomes!

This platform, Exam Xoom (pronounced “Exam Zoom”), started off as a simple tool Dr. Maxeiner created for his own practice. Seeing Exam Xoom’s potential to help medical practitioners across all disciplines, he committed himself to creating a breakthrough diagnostic tool that is integrated into an electronic health records system. The platform has great promise to be a transformative tool for the entire medical field, benefiting patients, doctors, and medical organizations.

How does Exam Xoom work? It assigns probabilities to different pieces of clinical information and creates an easy-to-read graphical representation of the patient data (Bayesian Network, based on a systems medicine approach).

In other words, Exam Xoom uses the clinical data to determine what parts of the body are working or not. This is done on a specific region of the body like your shoulder, an individual organ such as the heart, and smaller scales such as the cellular or genetic level.

Traditional western medicine relies on a reductionist approach, which quickly identifies a patient’s problem and attempts to correct it. Following this process, there are sometimes correlations or additional diagnosis options that are overlooked. Exam Xoom opens up a more complete or holistic view which allows doctors and patients the ability to better understand the areas of dysfunction, the accuracy of the diagnosis, identify unrecognized processes, and document how their condition changes over time.

Exam Xoom’s holistic approach can lead to many benefits for the huge U.S. healthcare market of $808 billion. These benefits include:

  • more accurately diagnosing multiple aspects of a patient’s condition
  • helping doctors quickly identify appropriate tests that should be ordered
  • improving insurance pre-authorization processes
  • optimizing insurance company reimbursement strategies
  • categorizing pharmaceuticals for their treatment mechanisms and adverse side effects.

These benefits lead to better quality of care, improved patient health, and more appropriate reimbursement decisions.

Exam Xoom is now a secure, fully-featured, web-based (SaaS) platform. Dr, Maxeiner is now ready to launch Exam Xoom and make it a successful business. He recently started offering it on a subscription basis. There are plans available for small offices as well as larger organizations/departments.

If you would like to explore how Exam Xoom can help your practice, Dr. Maxeiner is also eager to discuss how this approach is helpful in the following other “use cases”:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical research
    • Identify appropriate subjects and use cases
    • Side effect identification
    • Descriptions of medical test equipment and data interpretation
  • Medical case management involving complex health issues
    • Insurance companies/third-party payers for
    • Quality of Care
    • Pre-authorization
    • Reimbursement models

To explore any of these opportunities, please reach out directly to Dr. Maxeiner at 614-600-2225 or He would love to hear from you!

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