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Help Your Clients Reach Their Fitness Goals with Mobile Marketing

If you’re a health and fitness expert, you’re fast approaching the time when many people start to think about how to kick off the new year by getting and staying healthy. It’s an opportune time to get new and current clients more interested in listening to your advice to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Many of you are excited about delivering your services to improve the lives of others, but you may also become a bit disappointed by how quickly some clients lose momentum on sticking with the healthy habits you have prescribed.

However, with the ability to implement mobile technology into daily habits, fitness experts have the capability to nudge their clients to stick to their goals in a more personal and routine manner. Aside from the many health and fitness mobile apps available (free and paid subscriptions) like Map My Fitness, Fooducate or My Fitness Pal, fitness experts can now provide a more personal and significant link between the time you spend with clients and the time they are away for you and going about their daily routines. Mobile marketing provides innovative ways for you to be a positive influence to your clients on a regular basis, right when they need it most.

Here are ways to stay connected and nudge your clients to help them reach their fitness goals:

1. A mobile friendly website.

This isn’t just a technical requirement, but it is a way for your clients to continually go to your website via their smartphones and tablet, to learn and stay engaged with what you have to offer them. When you include mobile forms, click to call and click for directions, you give them reasons to stay connected with your content as a daily resource for health and fitness information.

2. Deliver daily fitness tips with text messaging.

Use text messaging to send daily tips with specific ways to encourage your clients to stay on track. Automate them by preplanning and scheduling them to be sent at the most optimal time. For example, schedule texts to be sent every morning as part of a morning ritual. Consider an upgraded plan and charge a minimal fee to include more detailed and valuable information. If you love being in front of the camera, send video messages that include recipe tips and exercise demonstrations.

3. Use mobile surveys.

Send clients timely surveys to get detailed information on their likes, dislikes and what they may want from you in the future. An excellent example is a mobile survey form to get a consensus on new class or service offerings. This is an excellent way to rise above your competition because you can stay in tune with your client’s expectations, reducing the inclination for them to jump ship to a different trainer.

4. Send appointment reminders.

Reduce no shows and cancellations with text message reminders. The less no shows or missed classes by your clients, the more routine their time with you becomes and it moves them closer to reaching fitness goals. It also gives you more control because if a client needs to cancel or reschedule, it’s easier to refill that open time slot.

5. Make it easy for clients to share good news.

Everybody loves a success story so make it easy for your clients to to share how you are helping them to reach their fitness goals. Create a private facebook group that allows your clients to talk about your classes and offerings and how it’s helping to improve their lives. On its face, this may not seem to be mobile marketing but most people access Facebook from their smartphones, so use it as a mobile marketing tool. Make it fun by creating contests and giveaways.

6. Use a mobile landing page to promote new events.

Send prospective clients a text with a link to a mobile landing page allowing them to easily sign up for your services such as a 7 Day Pass or an upcoming Fitness Bootcamp. Once they have opted in to your mobile marketing list, you can periodically send them messages about fitness information, upcoming events or promotions. Check out the two examples of engaging mobile landing pages specifically designed for fitness experts.

fitness pass landing page bootcamp landing page

Health and fitness trainers can be extremely creative and productive with mobile marketing because most people use their smartphones to manage important aspects of their daily lives. When you consider that most people use their smartphones to access important information such as banking, calendars, the weather, spiritual, and personal photos, mobile marketing offers unique and strategic ways to connect and influence clients daily.

Sonya Ramsey is the founder and owner of Modigital, LLC. Her company focuses on Mobile and On-Line Reputation Marketing.  She graduated from National University in San Diego and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.   As a dedicated professional, Sonya understands the value of building relationships and serving others.  She served in the Marines for 4 years and currently is a Docent at the Columbus Museum of Art, where she has given 200+ Speaking Engagements through their Speakers Bureau and Docent in the Schools programs. She is strong believer that by using innovative mobile marketing strategies, small businesses can be competitive with larger companies using strategies that are manageable and effective. She provides non-traditional marketing solutions in a rational and approachable manner while giving customized support every step of the way. Sonya is happy to have a conversation about mobile marketing for your business. She can be reached at:

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