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Mesmerize Your Audience with Mobile Marketing

One of the newest complaints people are expressing is their annoyance with the use of smart phones in “inappropriate” settings. I’ve had many conversations with people who notice couples at dinner ignoring each other while viewing Facebook or business meetings that lack focus because employees are secretly responding to text messages. I’ve heard that some parents will now require family members to leave their smartphones at a designated place during dinner.

Yes, it can be frustrating but I think as a society we will get better at implementing “smart phone manners”. However, professionals and business owners would be smart to learn how to use the technology to their advantage in order to expand their reach and stay connected with prospects and customers.

In this installment on mobile marketing, the focus will be on strategies for Speakers, Authors and Trainers.

Mobile marketing is inherently beneficial for these professionals. Why? Because they continually need a captive audience and that is exactly what mobile marketing is designed for – to personally engage with a captive audience. I’ve compiled a list of five ways to use mobile marketing in a meaningful and personal way for your audience. You’ll also see some examples of innovative mobile landing pages that can be used to increase sales for events, share a video and collect information from prospects.

Five Mobile Marketing Tips for Speakers, Authors and Trainers

  1. Mobilize your persona with a virtual business card. Create a simple mobile website with a simple list of all of your contact information. It’s an excellent way to share your contact information while group networking or a one on one meeting. To make it even more effective, you can integrate with a Contact Manager and automatically send them a welcome text or link to a free giveaway. Other information to automatically send is information about your next speaking event, new blog post. Other tactics are to implement click to call, click to text and a mobilized contact form.
  1. Engage with your audience before the presentation. Before the audience arrives, leave a handout on the audience’s chair, such as a flyer or other promotional material. Include a “call to action” that directs audience members to send a text to get more information or receive updates and tips from you on a regular basis You can also include a free white paper or other giveaway to encourage them to sign up to receive your updates.
  1. Give the audience permission to use their cell phones. Not wanting to compete with cell phones, many speakers will kindly remind audience members to silence or turn off their phones during a speech. But, when used effectively, it can be a tool to stay engaged with your audience before, during and after the presentation. Here’s a couple examples on how your audience’s cell phones can help your presentation:
    1. Share your slides during the presentation. This is especially helpful if you’re in a large room. At the beginning of your presentation, direct your audience to a mobile optimized page on your website that displays the presentation. While you’re speaking, the audience members can better follow along with you allowing them to be more engaged with your information.
    2. Get instant audience feedback. Platforms such as Poll Everywhere allow you to get live audience responses by using an app to give feedback and responses to surveys polls and questions. You can view them immediately on a power point presentation for the entire audience to see. It’s a fun way for them to actively listen, participate and engage with your content.
  1. Stay interactive during Q&A. When you’re answering questions at the end of the presentation, the last slide can display your contact information and ways to stay connected (i.e.; via mobile or text messaging). You may also use this time to give out handouts with the text message call to action.
  2. Say thank you with a video. Create a (30) second video and direct your audience to it at the end of the presentation or speech. You can also use this video to be sent as a text to audience members who have signed up to receive updates from you. The video can include a thank you message and a quick plug on how they can book you for their next event.

Text message marketing is all about communication and that’s why I believe it is a great tool for Speakers, Authors and Trainers to extend their reach and have better and more robust engagement with their audience.

Examples of mobile landing page for speakers:

  • Free book offer
  • Register for workshop
  • Free Consultation



Sonya Ramsey is the founder and owner of Modigital, LLC. Her company focuses on Mobile and On-Line Reputation Marketing.  She graduated from National University in San Diego and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.   As a dedicated professional, Sonya understands the value of building relationships and serving others.  She served in the Marines for 4 years and currently is a Docent at the Columbus Museum of Art, where she has given 200+ Speaking Engagements through their Speakers Bureau and Docent in the Schools programs. She is strong believer that by using innovative mobile marketing strategies, small businesses can be competitive with larger companies using strategies that are manageable and effective. She provides non-traditional marketing solutions in a rational and approachable manner while giving customized support every step of the way. Sonya is happy to have a conversation about mobile marketing for your business. She can be reached at:

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