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Susan Fortner of Bowers PR & Marketing to Head the APR Accreditation Process for Central Ohio

NEW ALBANY, OH—The Central Ohio chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) announced their new board of directors as well as a new leader to take over its APR accreditation process.  APR stands for the Accreditation in Public Relations. Susan Fortner, Founder & President of Bowers PR & Marketing, became Chair of the Accreditation Committee as of January 1, 2019. Bowers PR & Marketing is headquartered at Innovate New Albany, a hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in New Albany, OH.

Susan is excited to continue her support of advancement in her profession.

As part of her new role, Fortner will be leading the charge to bring an APR bootcamp to Central Ohio in the fall of 2019.  This 3-day bootcamp training, which will be held at Innovate New Albany, will open the door for other PR professionals to pass the rigorous exam required to earn the APR. This bootcamp will attract PR professionals from outside the Columbus area to come to our town to complete the process of preparing and testing.

According to Neil Collins, Innovate New Albany’s leader: “Having a PR firm like Bowers PR right inside our space is a great resource for Innovate New Albany.  And we are thrilled that the president of Bowers PR will be taking on a big leadership role in Ohio’s PR community.”

And, according to Fortner: “Encouraging those in our profession to go through this accreditation process is, and has always been, very important to me.  The world of PR has changed so much in the last few years, companies need to understand how important it is to hire a professional with ‘APR’ after their name.”    

Fortner is very excited about her new role working with the top-notch board of the Central Ohio PRSA.  She is honored to tackle this new responsibility in 2019.

About Innovate New Albany:  

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About PRSA:

PRSA is the nation’s largest professional organization serving the communications community with a mission to “make communications professionals smarter, better prepared, and more connected through all stages of their career.”

PRSA offers the APR accreditation process which demonstrates the mastery of strategic communications, as developed by PRSA and the Universal Accreditation Board.

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