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Tenant Spotlight: Meet Keith Moody, CEO at SiO Technologies

SiO Technologies provides electronic medical records systems and billing services to hospitals across the Midwest using AtomicDB. AtomicDB is a revolutionary database system capable of maximum performance, energy efficiency, and custom website design and development for businesses and corporations.

Their non-profit, SiO Institute, is partnered with The Ohio State University, Junior Achievement, New Albany Plain Local Schools, and Innovate New Albany to create an educational curriculum for K-12 and college students in the United States and internationally.

Keith Moody and Nishant Chittari founded SiO Technologies in 2015, when they were in their sophomore and freshmen years of high school, respectively. Alex Bellon joined their executive team in October 2016. 

Keith, now a high school senior, grew up working in his father’s healthcare company. At a young age, he learned how to manage and run a large multi-million dollar healthcare company. Recognizing the impact of technology on the progress and productivity of the world’s markets, Keith envisioned a new way to revolutionize communications.

What is your “secret sauce”?

We are known for healthcare services. SiO Technologies has developed a more efficient and user-friendly method for storing, analyzing, and processing patient health and information records with our hardware and software. SiOS Health should be available for implementation the fourth quarter of 2017.

Each computing system not only boasts the best hardware on the market in regards to energy efficiency and performance, but also utilizes the full capabilities of each system by custom tailoring the software to each system’s specifications. In doing so, our machines are able to run more efficiently. To maintain the best power ratings and to employ the full processing power of the system, each operating system is paired with unique firmware to meet that machine’s needs.

One product we currently offer is web development and web design. SiO Sites is an amazing way to get your business out into the world. Our developer and graphic design teams can meet any client standards, and our teams will not be satisfied until you are. We have designed websites for clothing companies, personal websites, healthcare companies, realtors, and hospital and medical practices.

SiO Technologies has developed an innovative, new solution to proper heat management within corporate and industrial servers. The new designs ensure that heat within the hardware system does not become concentrated, and instead disperses so that the powerful abilities of the software do not become compromised. This allows for consumers to keep working at their hardest without jeopardizing the hardware.

What is the smartest move you’ve made so far as a business owner?

Market diversity. We have firmly planted our feet and roots in many markets, gaining more stability, and several safety nets. 

SiO Technologies is offering our professional skills in order to further fund our company and retain 100% ownership. Our services are guaranteed to be the best on the market and cover almost anything related to technology. We stand by our services and are proud to say that we will beat any price, and still offer the highest level of experience that could be offered. Our main objective is your happiness and quality work.

What is your biggest mistake?

Budgeting. We originally started in a 2,500 square foot office, most of which was unoccupied by people but occupied by lots of equipment. 

If you had one piece of advice to give a new business owner, what would it be?

Find good people and build a great team. Your company is only as strong as those who represent it. Surround yourself with those who not only encourage innovation, but are ready to challenge what you say.

Diversity is one of the most crucial things to take into account when building your team. Diversity leads to stronger, more effective teams by obtaining different perspectives. Stratified, siloed teams don’t cut it anymore. It isn’t just a good idea to bring in people from various capacities; it is also imperative to business success.

Think about what goes into product development. Most likely you would have people from finance, marketing, sales, IT, and business participating in the development process. If you were smart, you would have clients and outside testers in the room. If you were really smart, you would have a way to ensure that you had a cognitively diverse set of minds in the room. The working environment is just as important as the people working in it. The company structure determines how well everyone will perform, which directly correlates with how well the business functions, and executes ideas or concepts as a whole.

The definition of company is the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment. In a workplace environment, it is great to have very diverse mindsets, and perspectives, however, if there is no way for seamless communication, everything will fall apart. Communication is what leads to innovation through collaboration, and working out problems, and critiquing ideas from multiple perspectives as long as each perspective is represented equally, and clearly. 

How has your business grown and changed since it first started?

Since we first started, originally as a marketing and web development company, we have expanded and partnered with many other entities. We have diversified ourselves in all markets, and have put many successes under our belts. We are proud to see where we started and where we have gone.

How long have you been a tenant at Innovate New Albany?

We have been tenants at Innovate New Albany for three months.

What do you love most about working and living in New Albany?

We love the community; everyone knows everyone. There are no strangers, there is always an event happening, and the New Albany community is very family-oriented. It is easy to find friends and enjoy life in New Albany.

For more information about SiO Technologies, visit their website at www.siotechnologies.com.

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