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TechColumbus Showcases New Albany Startups

For the first time in 17 years, the TechColumbus 2012 Innovation Awards program combined its annual reception with a unique opportunity for startups and research innovators to share their work with thousands of attendees that included entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders.

Among the 52 Central Ohio companies showcasing new products and services that ranged from 3D printers to retail software utilizing augmented reality were several New Albany area businesses including:

  • Seicon Limited develops, markets and licenses patented technology and customizable solutions to isolate and control shocks and vibrations generated by seismic waves and mechanical activities as well as reduce noise transmissions. The technology can be utilized in a broad range of products, including motor mounts, pipe supports, buildings, aircraft, ships, bridges and elevated highways.Among its specific products, Seicon has developed the HVAV Isolator, a wind-resistant isolator that reduces living area noise caused by condensers. The company’s Steadywash Vibration Isolation Platform performed better than competitors in a test of front-loading washers conducted by Consumer Reports.
  • Moncai, Irish for monkey and pronounced that way, has developed an easily system to deploy and scale .NET/Mono web apps, by pushing it to a cloud platform. Once deployed, the system allows users to call their apps up or down based on load and pay only for what they use. It is currently seeking users for beta testing.
  • Capture Education provides software and professional development solutions to maximize teacher effectiveness and student achievement, including teacher and student master schedules. Its ScheduleSMART Automated Schedule Builder was created from years of hands-on research with school districts and various SIS operating systems across the country provide a master schedule focused on proper student placement. The company recently signed an agreement with Pearson, the global leader in education and learning technology, to serve as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner to facilitate product compatibility with Pearson software products and assist in developing partner software.
  • SeeMore Interactive, a former New Albany incubator business, has created a mobile application that maximizes a retailer’s ability to capture consumers’ attention at the critical point of decision. The application integrates image recognition and recommendation engine technology with augmented reality to create a new level of product interaction, enabling consumers to see more product and learn more about those products.

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